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Fairwinds Management is highly recommended due their level of commitment and attention to customer satisfaction. It has been a true pleasure to work with Fairwinds in every aspect, and we look forward to have them as a partner in the future as well.

Fairwinds Management Limited is a great partner of ours! We love their way of constantly over achieving our expectations and how professional they are. Start your partnership today!

We have found Fairwinds Management to be a fantastic company to work with, very professional and exceptionally helpful when it comes to giving you everything you need to setup a company

We’re really glad to work with Fairwinds Management, they are great people! and we would recommend them to anybody!

Fairwinds Management Limited have always been present at SiGMA and always made a professional and very informational impact. This is for sure a great company if you are setting up a business in a new location. Be sure to meet up with them!

We were in need of tax and law related information for setting up our company. Fairwinds Management provided us with one of the best experiences we’ve ever come across.

We’re loving the fact that we found Fairwinds Management’s services. Easy, quick and hassle-free!

As a growing affiliate network, we continued to grow and needed legal and financial services. Fairwinds management got us on the right track and satisfied us 100% with their fantastic services!

Starting up a new company abroad is not easy, but with Fairwinds Management as our partner we can not agree that it is difficult. Everything went smooth after choosing Fairwinds Management Limited.

When we needed an extra hand to extend our business, requiring both accountant and law administration, Fairwinds Management was spot on for us.

Fairwinds Management Limited – a very good company that worked well for us at JackpotNorge. The whole cooperation is a pure pleasure that has nice people who know exactly how to do their work.

Amazingly simple and nice people to work with. All you need is gathered in one place. Simply a really good partner!

As a client using Fairwinds Management you will come across fantastic good people who know the industry well and offer strong and reliable services which makes them trustworthy and most recommended!

A good company that stands out and an amazing team that works well with affiliates. We at hyppere are incredibly pleased with this cooperation!

If you are in the gambling affiliate scene, it’s a no-brainer not to work with Fairwinds Management. We are really looking forward to continue a closer relationship in the future.

A collaboration we are happy to have started. Everything has worked extremely well, the team is always standing by to help. Our best recommendation!

After partnering up with Fairwinds Management we truly discovered that the definition of proffesionalism has been taken to a whole new level. Great people, highly recommended!


Known for their exemplary outstanding service, the experienced team behind Fairwinds Management truly understands affiliates concerns. Whether you’re just starting out or are an old-timer, they are one of the most passionate people you’ll come across, who are both easy to work with and professional to rely on.

One of our biggest partners today which we love to work with is Fairwinds Management. We really love the way they conduct their operations, and hopefully more new companies will discover them as they’re worth every single minute of your time.

We’re really happy to work with Fairwinds Management, they are great people! We recommend them to anybody, anytime!

Outstanding people. We would never take our business elsewhere. Proffesionalism, trust, and cost-effective.

We know that setting up a company abroad can bring up many worries, questions and concerns. Fairwinds Management provides you with all the information you need, being a client of their super great specialized company will make all your worries disappear in a split second after a conversation with their professional staff.

We highly recommend Fairwinds Management to those who want to set up their company. Fairwinds Management’s professional staff is highly competent when it comes to corporate, legal and administration specialists. They are able to provide their clients with a comprehensive, in-house and cost effective service, maintaining a personalized service for each of their clients while offering a high-quality service. We’ve never looked back since we chose Fairwinds Management.

Fairwinds Management – An absolute pleasure to work with, everything we need and looking for, to be found in one and the same place. At we always love to work with new and innovative people, and Fairwinds Managemetn is definitely one of a kind. They also have a great team and offer all their clients great services. What more can we ask for?

Fairwinds Management provides you with all the support and information you need to set up your own company. If you’re setting up your business, then Fairwinds Management is the only one you should use.

If you ever want to set up a business/company abroad, you should go for no other company than Fairwinds Management. We cannot imagine why people would pick other companies, Farwinds Management Limited is just amazingly great!

This trusted company is highly recommended, we would never choose any other company after our great experiences with the truly great people at Fairwinds Management.

We were looking for a company such as Fariwinds Management to set up our business, we got a recommendation from a trusted and reliable partner about this company, we’ve never looked back since.

We contacted Fairwinds Management as soon as we heard about them. It was a perfect time to set up our company and Fairwinds Management Limited offers all the services we are looking for.

We have worked with Fairwinds Management for many years now and they are truly great partners to work with. A high level of professionalism, flexibility and great service makes them one of our absolute best partners. We fully recommend Fairwinds Management to anyone who is looking for a reliable service. Furthermore it always a pleasure to meet them at SiGMA year after year.

Christian Skoglund, Casinomir

Throughout our collaboration with Fairwinds Management, they managed to show us what it means to work with professionals, with people dedicated to their jobs, to work with individuals who are open-minded and ready to offer and accept any idea which would bring benefits to all parties involved.

I’m incredibly satisfied with having Fairwinds Management as our incorporation specialist platform. From the first days of Betzest™ we were proud to be associated with them as they excel as partners. Their greatest strength is that they have a responsive and positive team that are available whenever you need them with whatever aspect of the partnership you need assistance with. They always go above and beyond in their quest to help you get the most for your company.

If you want to create a company in Malta look no further than Fairwinds Management. They are your one stop shop for all your related needs as corporate services. They are the business partner that understands that success is best made together.

We want to thank their awesome team, which gave us the support we needed; they are very fast and efficient. We are very happy that we have found such a great partner.

We can highly recommend Fairwinds Management to any clients who are looking  for the best corporate services in Malta.

Marius Filip, CEO/Co-Founder, Betzest™

We came in contact with Fairwinds Management through SiGMA. Easy contact, good information and I am sure that Fairwinds Management are the partner for setting up a new company and business on ‘the sunny rock’.


We’ve been working and setting up business and different countries so we found on our way all kind of companies that offers corporate services, but like Fairwinds Management, none. Professional and friendly as you won’t even believe. If you ever need to set up a company in Malta, don’t even hesitate.

Great service and great people working in the company. Fairwinds helped us so much you can’t even imagine!

A close and friendly approach always helps when moving your company to other country, that’s why we decided to try Fairwinds Management and after that, we could say that they are, apart from friendly, super professional.

A reputable company with an incredible knowledge in corporate services. They help us all the time and made the things way easier for us!

Always moving abroad it’s a difficult thing, specially if a business is involved. Thanks to Fairwinds we did it as smooth as possible.

When expanding into a new country there is a lot to think about. With the help of Fairwinds Management you can rest easy and get help with expanding your business.

Nice group to work with. Fairwinds Management helps you with both business and management issues. Recommending them to everyone!

Working with Fairwinds Management is a real treat. The team is professional and is dedicated to make our company grow and our partnership stronger. We couldn’t be more proud to be working with such talented people.


Fairwinds Management Limited helped me a lot in understanding my options in Malta. They have provided me a lot of invaluable information on what to do and what not to do. I have found a very reliable and professional team to work with, hopefully leveraging our cooperation in the very near future.

Tal Segal, TYS Marketing

Fairwinds Management is a truly professional and amazing partner to work with. If you are looking to bring your business to Malta, then they should be your number one choice.

Eric Fronden, Bookmakers

Fairwinds Management Limited is a very good company that will help you 100%. They know how everything works and we can really recommend them.

Fairwinds Management is a trusted company that always delivers professionally on time and budget. They are the go to guys in iGaming.

Nikola Teofilovic, AskGamblers

Looking for an easy start in the sunny iGaming mecca Malta? For affiliates like me or operators looking to getting one of the biggest corporate headaches sorted in no time, they are the go-to specialists. Highly recommend.

Nikita, Mvideoslots  

I can say that Fairwinds Management is that kind of company that all my business partners say good things about. That’s how I got to know them. I sincerely recommend their services to all entrepreneurs, regardless of their experience.

Alexandru Stan, Extremoo Ltd

Start working with Fairwinds Management if you want to see a huge increase in your company productivity. With their expert services and professionalism, you will save time and money for you and your company. Perfect for igaming-related businesses.


Fairwinds Management is a partner to apply for if you want to start a new company on the sunny Island of Malta. Perfect if you are in the gaming industry as they have a great deal of experience in helping companies in that sector. When we look at expanding our business it is to Fairwinds Management we will go to!

Stefan Stamgren, Betsmart

Fairwinds Management is by far the most reliable source to set up you affiliate business in Malta. They take care of everything and thanks to that you can focus on develop your business.

Casinos Online España

We are an affiliate that target players via SEO and whoever does that knows that the amount of work we have to do is really a lot. Thanks to Fairwinds Management we don’t have to take care as well of our setup and legal stuff that always take away a lot of time.

Tragaperras Online

Fairwinds Management always been a big part of our business since we don’t know much about business set up and they help us to get in Malta as smoothly as possible.

Tragamonedas Online

When you get in a new country is really difficult to get into the best company to manage your business. Thanks to our contacts, they recommended with Fairwinds Management and we hit the jackpot! Fantastic working with them!

Blackjack Online

We actually came with a background of law and accountancy, so we know when a company know what is doing. With Fairwinds Management we been impressed about their knowledge and their friendly attitude!

Online Ruleta

We are glad that we choose Fairwinds Management for our company, as their team, composed of experts in various areas, offered us the best solutions every time we requested their assistance. Their efficiency and professionalism are highly appreciated and ensured a long and prosper business relationship. We are looking forward continuing our collaboration with Fairwinds Management and we highly recommend them anytime!

Lisa Luca, ZZZSlots

The highest level of professionalism, great service and individual flexible approach – that’s what describes Fairwinds Management the best. This company is the best choice for a long term partnership where your needs will be met on a daily basis with care, responsiveness and friendly attitude.

Olga Lutova, Online Casino World

It’s always a pleasure to work with Fairwinds Management who is a happy team and keep track of how things will work in the best possible way!

ElitCasinon and Casinopro and

We at ZAW Media really appreciate the highly professional and efficient advice Fairwinds Management Limited provides us with in order to streamline our business and maximise our profits.

Thomas Vestergaard, Director, ZAW Media

We have always been very happy to work with Fairwinds Management. We have a great business relationship with Fairwinds Management and hope to continue working with them in the future! Highly recommended.


We have worked with Fairwinds Management for many years now and they are truly great partners to work with. A high level of professionalism, flexibility and great service makes them one of our absolute best partners. We fully recommend Fairwinds Management to anyone who is looking for a reliable service. Furthermore it always a pleasure to meet them at SiGMA year after year.

Christian Skoglund, Casinomir

Fairwinds Management have achieved for us where many other companies failed, providing us with a stable business structure that fits both our professional needs and banking requirements. Their team have been consistently responsive and we’re happy to recommend them to other businesses.

Duncan Garvie, The Pogg 

Whether you run online casino business or an affiliate site, look no further for relocation to Malta services. Fairwinds Management are your one stop shop for all your related needs. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff will offer you first hand advice and take you through the process smoothly and efficiently.

Wayne, Casino Hopper

I could not be happier working together with our amazing friends at Fairwinds Management. Credibility and proficiency get a new meaning with these guys. The friendliest, most responsive and proactive corporate services out there by a land slide! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to create a company in Malta.

Football Bet Expert

We have worked with Fairwinds Management for quite some time now and it is great to have them as partners in dealing with a wide range of corporate services. Their quick turnaround and professionalism, flexibility in dealing with different industries, really takes off the edge on some parts of the business so you can better focus on things that require your attention. We hope to build up on this partnership furthermore and continue to write a successful story.

NovaCorp Net Ltd

Fairwinds Management is a reputable company that truly cares for all their clients. I see a team that is united, communicative, knowledgeable and professional in whatever they offer, be it corporate services or bookkeeping services. I positively recommend Fairwinds Management to anyone who is looking for a reliable service. Furthermore it always a pleasure to see them exhibiting a SiGMA year after year.

Eman Pulis, Managing Director, SiGMA

With so many different aspects of our business, we were always concerned about finding a complete accounting solution that we could trust and fully rely on. Happily, we have found this solution with Fairwinds Management. From the very beginning, we have received nothing but honest, professional, and outstanding service – with the company regularly going beyond the call of duty. Nothing is too much trouble and since we started using them for all our accounting needs, we have never been happier.

We cannot recommend Fairwinds Management enough. If you do not want to worry about all the big and small details, knowing that things are being taken care of, this is the company for you. Their rates are excellent, their service unrivalled and their knowledge unbeatable. On top of all of this, the team at Fairwinds Management is extremely friendly and nice, which is why our relationship with them has been so successful, for so many years. We look forward to continuing growing our business together with Fairwinds Management and to many more years of quality service.

Dennis Hansen, Director, Matching Visions

We have worked with Fairwinds Management for the past 6 years. We have tried out a lot of advisors in Malta but no one has been able to offer the service and reliability that Fairwinds Management has. I wholeheartedly recommend using Fairwinds Management for company incorporations, bank account management, smaller and larger accounting tasks as well as for monthly administrative tasks such as payrolls, VAT/Tax administration etc.

Mikael Strunge, Partner & Gaming Director, Power Media Group

We reached out to Fairwinds Management Limited for corporate services, specifically company incorporation and the opening of bank accounts. The team showed professionalism and efficiency in delivering their services with clear and timely replies to all our queries and for this reason we would highly recommend Fairwinds Management Limited for their services. We got to know about the company through a friend of ours and their professional advice immediately saved the company time and money by offering comprehensive services.

Zhanara KolobayevaChief Financial Officer, Mi-C3 International Limited

Before entrusting Fairwinds Management, we worked with an individual accountant; however, as the company’s needs outgrew what the individual provider was able to handle for us, we had to look for other options. I was impressed with the professional approach, the speed of service and also the genuine interest that was taken in my business, together with the delivery of interesting business and funding opportunities that I could make use as a small business.

Fairwinds Management was referred to me by another one of their customers who has been using their services for a long time and is extremely happy with the services they provide. Needless to say, I have experienced the same treatment; I have full visibility and clarity of my financial situation, delivering a service which is always on time and highly professional. I would absolutely recommend Fairwinds Management as their service is highly professional, reliable and dependable.

Jesmond Darmanin, Business Owner, Storm Design